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We have very experienced I.T. professionals on-staff that thrive at diagnosing network troubles and finding both efficient and cost effective solutions for your unique requirements. Simply put, faulty installations would only cost us more money in support and repair. We have an attention to detail and documented in-house quality standards that really help us shine in both customer service & satisfaction.

Total Radio Service

We are the Internet provider that is making swift moves to deliver competitive broadband service that is equivalent or exceeding that of current market standards. The bottom line for us is our customers as we recognize that without them, we have no purpose. We strive to provide reliable and timely response to all of our customers’ communications, concerns, and inquiries.
Always a prompt response by phone, email, and text.

Broadband Internet: With Total Radio Service's affordable high speed wireless broadband options, you'll get the best internet connection and a service that can meet your high speed needs. 

Poultry Protection:Total Radio Service's wireless communication employs 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum to ensure clear and accurate signal transmissions without interference in practically any poultry environment.

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Poultry Protection

Broadband Internet

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